Romantic UK city breaks: get covered with temporary insurance

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to plan a Romantic weekend away with your other half. To help your plans for romance run smoothly, we’ve come up with a handy guide to some of the best places to stay for a romantic UK city break. 


A classic choice when it comes to impressing the other half with a romantic weekend away. With countryside walks mixed with beautiful buildings and city strolls, it’s not difficult to see why. From exploring the city’s world famous museums to strolling through the university colleges and punting along the river, there’s so much to do and see in this classic town of romance.  



With Durham University’s claim that 70% of its students will marry one another, it could be worth checking out this self-proclaimed city of romance for your own weekend away. To be fair to Durham, it’s characterful side streetsdelicious cafes and world-famous cathedral are all perfect for a couple’s retreat. These, alongside the sunset-lookout spots from Observatory Hill and Prebends Bridge make Durham a great option for a romantic weekend break. 



If you fancy heading even further north for your weekend away, then Edinburgh could be the perfect break for you. You could visit the world-famous Edinburgh castle, stroll along the Royal Mile or even visit the extinct volcano of Arthur’s Seat. Edinburgh is also famous for its food and drink so it really does have all the ingredients for romance. 



Similar to Durham in its charm and cosy feel, York is another great option for a weekend getaway. Whether you want to check out it’s medieval shopping streets, visit the cathedral or just sample its food and drink, it’s easy to see why York is a firm favourite for many romantic getaways. 


What about getting there?

Fancy checking out the above but don’t have a car? No problem, with Jaunt, you can just borrow a friend or family member’s car for your romantic weekend getaway. This way, you can avoid the expense of public transport and have the freedom to explore the best spots in your chosen city. 

There are loads of great advantages to a Jaunt policy too. The cover is comprehensive and flexible too. You could get insured for any time between one hour, up to 30 days.  

Even if you were to have an accident, the Jaunt policy won’t even affect the no claims discount (NCD) of the car owner. Although, while the vehicle owner’s NCD won’t be affected, claims will need to be made in the name of the driver on the Jaunt policy and so this could affect your future premiums. 

If you’re interested, you could check out our short-term car insurance guidefor more info or even get a quote now. You can get cover from one hour to 30 days so what are you waiting for?