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  • How do I get a quote?

    To get a quote, please use our online application form here. We can’t give you a price over the phone.

  • What level of cover does a Jaunt policy offer?

    All Jaunt policies are comprehensive. Marvellous.

  • How much is my excess?

    The amount of excess varies – but will be confirmed before you buy your insurance. The amount will also be shown on the insurance certificate. Also, there isn’t a separate excess for glass claims. The excess is the first part of any claim you must pay.

  • When will my policy appear on the MID?

    Legally, we have 7 days to place a policy on the MID (Motor Insurance Database). However, at Jaunt we complete daily updates and aim to have your policy on the MID within 12 hours. You can drive the vehicle legally between the dates and times shown on the certificate of insurance issued to you.

  • How do I cancel my policy?

    Easy, just email us at to cancel and don’t forget to include your policy reference number. If your insurance hasn’t started yet, you’ll get a full refund.

    You are entitled to cancel your policy at any time. Provided there have been no claims or incidents likely to give rise to a claim you will be entitled to a refund of the unused premium. If you cancel the policy before cover has commenced, you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium. If you choose to cancel this policy after cover has commenced, we will recalculate your insurance premium based upon the date your policy commenced until the date your policy cancelled and will refund you the difference between the recalculated insurance premium and the insurance premium you have already paid. Please note the cost of a short term policy will be proportionally greater than a longer term policy and therefore you may receive a smaller refund than expected. Cover for days or part days already commenced will not be refundable.

  • Can I make a change to my policy?

    Afraid not. Once you’ve paid for your insurance, you can’t change it. To change something, you need to cancel your insurance and set up a new policy here.

  • Can I extend or renew my policy?

    Sorry, the only way of getting more days of cover is to set up a new policy here.

  • How do I know I’m insured?

    Once you’ve received your certificate, sent by email within 30 minutes – this is your proof of insurance. The date and time your insurance starts will be on the certificate. You are insured to drive from then. You don’t need to do anything else.

  • How long can you insure me for?

    We can insure you for up to 30 days. If you need longer cover, you can take out a new policy at the end of the 30 days. The shortest time we can insure you for is one hour. Our policies are only for consecutive days of cover.

  • I’m having trouble completing a quote – can you help?

    Oh-no! If you’re having trouble, it could be because some of the information isn’t recognised. Make sure you check your details including your email address, occupation and, if entered, licence number.

    If you still need help, email us at Please include the exact on-screen message you are seeing to allow us to respond more efficiently.

  • Why can’t you insure me?

    Our short-term insurance for full licence holders is available to drivers aged between 18 and 75 who have held their full licence for at least 6 months (3 months if aged over 25).

    If you’ve not been able to get insurance from us this time, it could be for several reasons. Our underwriters use various criteria, including age, where you live, the type of vehicle, how old it is and what type of license you have in providing a quote. This means we can’t always cover everyone.

  • What can I do if my payment has failed?

    No worries, there are several common reasons for declining a payment. Please try again as it may be caused by a lost internet connection. Otherwise we suggest these options:

    • try a different internet browser
    • try a different device
    • try a different payment method
    • try paying through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to do this. Select 'pay as guest' with a credit or debit card on the PayPal website
    • contact the cardholder’s bank to make sure there is no block on the transaction
  • My driving license is being rejected as incorrect. What does this mean?

    Your details get checked against those on the licence. Please make sure the driver’s name and date of birth have been entered exactly as shown on the licence, and that the driving licence number you are entering is only 16 characters long. If your licence was issued in Northern Ireland or Isle of Man, please select this as your country of issue and not UK.

  • Why am I being asked for a passport number?

    If you’re not using a UK issued driving licence, we’ll need a passport number to validate it. We can only validate licences issued by DVLA Swansea. We cannot accept ID cards.

  • How do I get in touch with you?

    You can email us at Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am–5pm and Friday 9am–4pm.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    We’re sorry it’s come to this! Please email with full details. Please include the policy details if applicable.

  • Can you insure vehicles that have been seized by the police or impounded?

    Our insurance can’t be used on vehicles that have been seized, impounded or taken by the police.

  • Can you insure a hired or rented vehicle?

    We can insure hired motorhomes but no other hired or rented vehicles.

  • Can you insure vehicles that have been exported or imported?

    Unfortunately, we can’t insure cars that are being exported or imported or have been imported previously. The vehicles must be manufactured for the UK (right-hand drive) and be UK registered.

  • Can you insure a vehicle with more than 8 seats?

    We can only insure vehicles with a maximum of 8 seats (including the driver’s).

  • Is there a maximum weight for the vehicle?

    Cars and vans: 3.5 tonnes. Motorhomes: 5 tonnes.

  • Do I have to be the registered keeper or owner to buy short-term insurance?

    You don’t need to be the registered keeper, providing you have the owner’s permission!

  • Which licences do you accept?

    We accept licences only from the UK, the EU, the EEA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Switzerland.

  • Can you insure me if I’m not a UK resident?

    Yes, we can insure drivers who are not UK residents. But it depends on other things too. It’s best to complete a quote online, so we can give you an answer.

  • Can I use Jaunt if there’s already an annual insurance policy on the vehicle?

    Yes, this insurance is completely separate to any insurance already on the vehicle. It does not affect the annual policy already on the vehicle.

  • Can I insure my vehicle if it has been modified?

    Yes, but the only modifications we can accept are LPG conversions, disabled access and fitted tow bars.

  • Are there any other restrictions for the driver and vehicle?

    Please see our criteria for cars, vans or motorhomes here.

  • What happens if I have an accident?

    Oh-no! If you need to report an accident or make a claim, please call 08000 156 166.

  • Can I buy road tax with a Jaunt policy?

    Yes – we aim to update the Motor Insurance Database every 24 hours for online tax applications. If you want to tax your car at the Post Office, please check with them beforehand that they will accept road tax applications for Jaunt short-term insurance.

  • Can I use your insurance to take my car/van to an MOT?

    Yes, we can insure cars for their MOT as long as there is a current valid MOT certificate

  • Can I tow when insured by you?

    Yes – you can tow or pull another car with our insurance. The car that’s pulling is comprehensively insured, but the car being pulled will only have third-party insurance.

  • What is a Green Card?

    A Green Card is issued by the driver’s insurer and acts as evidence that the minimum legal cover required is in force for the country visited whilst driving outside the UK. The Green Card is a physical document which is printed on green paper and cannot be issued in an electronic format.

  • Can you insure me to drive aboard?

    Yes. Our insurance includes third-party cover for a trip to counties within the EU, the EEA and Switzerland automatically – as long as the car is in the UK when the insurance starts and finishes.

    We can’t provide insurance to you in a country outside of the EU, EEA and Switzerland. Please click here to confirm which countries are in the EU and EEA.

    It’s worth noting that at this point, a final decision on Brexit has not been reached, so it’s impossible to say what the actual future motor insurance requirements for driving in the EU will be on or after 31st January 2020.

    However, a ‘Green Card’ may be required in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit on or after 31st January 2020 and we will require at least 14 days notice to issue you with a Green Card if one is required.

  • Which countries are in the EU and EEA?

    A list of EEA countries is available here.

    Countries in the EU and EEA

    The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 28 countries. It operates an internal (or single) market which allows free movement of goods, capital, services and people between member states.


    EU countries are:

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

    The European Economic Area (EEA)

    The EEA includes EU countries and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It allows them to be part of the EU’s single market.

    Switzerland is neither an EU nor EEA member but is part of the single market - this means Swiss nationals have the same rights to live and work in the UK as other EEA nationals.

  • I am travelling to the European Union by car. Will my car insurance be valid?

    UK law requires that your motor insurance includes third party cover when driving in the European Union. There won’t be any change to this cover whilst the UK is a member of the EU.

    In the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, your policy will still provide cover for driving in the EU, but it may be necessary for you to obtain a Green Card and also an International Driving Permit to show in the event of a documentation check.

    A green card is an international certificate of insurance issued by UK insurers to say that the necessary third-party cover is in place for the country being travelled to.

    Dayinsure is making arrangements to issue Green Cards if required.

    If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after 31st January 2020, please contact us at least 14 days before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.

    More information on how to obtain an International Driving Permit can be obtained from here.

  • Do I need a Green Card to travel to EU, EEA or Switzerland?

    If you are travelling to the EU and will return prior to 31st January 2020, you do not need a Green Card and do not need to contact us for a Green Card.

    If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after 31st January 2020 in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, please email us at least 14 days before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.

    Please note – A Green Card cannot be issued electronically so will be sent via the post to the address provided as part of the application process.

  • I’m travelling from Northern Ireland to Ireland. Will I need a Green Card?

    In the event there is a no deal a Green Card will be required for all vehicles that travel from Northern Ireland to Ireland on or after 31st January 2020. Please email at least 14 days before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card.

    Please note – A Green Card cannot be issued electronically so will be sent via the post to the address provided as part of the application process.

  • How do I get a Green Card?

    If you’re planning to drive your vehicle in the EU, EEA or Switzerland on or after 31st January 2020. Please email at least 14 day before you plan to travel so that we can understand your needs and if required, issue you with a Green Card.

  • Where can I get more information?

    The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued a helpful document which addresses further questions on Green Cards and insurance requirements when driving abroad. Visit here for more information.

    We continue to monitor political developments and what impact they have on our customers. We will update our website with further information and/or actions you may need to take that are relevant to your policies as soon as Brexit, and what it means for your insurance, becomes clear.

  • What if I travel without a Green Card?

    You will be breaking the law. If you do attempt to drive you may be accused of driving without insurance and could be subject to a fine, having your vehicle seized or prosecution.

    The only other legal option would be to purchase insurance locally when you arrive in the country (often known as ‘frontier insurance’). However, such insurance cover may not be widely available and may be more expensive than UK-issued policies.

  • How much will it cost?

    A £10.00 administration fee will be charged and payable to Jaunt to cover the costs associated with the issuing and posting the Green Card documents.

  • Can the Green Card be sent electronically?

    No, under current international rules, the Green Card is a legal document which is printed on green paper.  The original physical copy of the document must be carried with you when you travel.

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