Short-term car insurance

This, is opportunity

Jaunt Insurance

Get short-term car insurance on a car, van or motorhome, for as little as an hour. Sort your cover in minutes and you could be driving in 15. Whether you’re trying to get your mates to a festival or helping your sister move house, this is your time to shine.

Make it happen. Take a Jaunt.
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Short-Term Car Insurance

Coronavirus Update

  • Please be reassured that the cover provided by your insurance policy will be unaffected by the outbreak
  • If you contact us, there may be longer waiting times than usual as we are working to keep our staff safe
  • Please log in to your Customer Account in the first instance to view or manage your policy.

Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your support.

Need more info? Watch this.

Jaunt Insurance
Jaunt Insurance
See the script!

This is a car.

It could be your mum’s car, dad’s car, sister’s car, brother’s car, auntie’s car, uncle’s car, nan’s car, mate’s car, cousin’s car, even your neighbour’s car – but it’s not just a car.

With our short-term car insurance, it could be your car.

For a month, a weekend, or as little as an hour. To do… whatever you want… to do…

Lick a lolly at the seaside. Get away from it all. Or pick up that mustard armchair, you’ve had your beady eye on.

As long as you’re somewhere between 18 to 75 years old and have a valid driver’s license. We’ll get you covered and on your way.

Plus, a Jaunt claim will never affect either yours or the car owner’s No Claims Discount! MARVELLOUS!

This, my friends, is no mere car… this is opportunity!

Grasp it! Take a Jaunt.

Flexible cover for life's Jaunts

Cover from 1<br/> hour to 30 days

Cover from 1
hour to 30 days

Get insurance for the exact time you need it. From just an hour to 30 days and anything in between.

No risk to no<br/> claims

No risk to no

Fear not, Jaunt cover won’t affect your No Claims Discount, or the car owner's. Lovely

On the road in<br/> minutes

On the road in

Get an instant online quote. Get covered in minutes. We're ready when you are.

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How it works

Jaunt Short-Term Insurance

Get an instant quote

We just need a few details, like your driving licence number and the reg of the car you want to drive.

Jaunt Short-Term Insurance
Jaunt Short-Term Insurance

Choose your cover

Happy with the quote? Marvellous. Tell us when to start your cover and how long you'll need it.

Jaunt Short-Term Insurance
Jaunt Short-Term Insurance

Take a Jaunt

Pay for your policy and tell us your license number. We'll email your policy docs. You're good to go.

What you need

Jaunt Short-Term Insurance

A valid driver's

You must hold a full and valid licence issued by either the UK, EU, EEA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Switzerland. Please make sure it's also in date!

Jaunt Short-Term Insurance

Aged between

You've got to be between 18 and 75. Emotional age is your business.

Got everything you need?

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