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One week insurance: why you need it!

There are loads of reasons you might need temporary insurance for one week. Perhaps you’re planning an epic road trip with friends from one end of the country to another. Maybe you need to visit the in-laws and want the flexibility that comes with a car. It might even be that your motor’s in for repair and you need to borrow a friend’s car for the week just to get around.

Whatever the reason, if your plans for that week involve a car, you need to be insured: it’s the law. Of course, you could hire a vehicle with insurance included or even take out an annual policy on your own car. However, both of these choices could be expensive and time consuming. One other option then is to get temporary insurance for your plans in that week.


How does temporary cover work?

It does what it says on the tin. Temporary or short-term cover offers car insurance for the period of time you decide. Whether it’s for a shorter trip or up to 28 days, you could be hitting the road with short-term insurance.

What are the benefits of short term insurance?

One great thing about temporary cover is that it allows you to drive someone else’s car (or lets them drive yours). So, if your motor isn’t quite right for that week-long road trip across the country and you want to borrow a mate’s 4×4, you can. You can even share the driving between you and your mate.

Importantly, short term cover also typically provides comprehensive cover so if you were to have an accident, you’re fully covered. And, if you do end up having an accident in another driver’s car, their no-claims bonus won’t be affected.

Although, while the vehicle owner’s NCB won’t be affected, claims will need to be made in the name of the driver on the Jaunt policy and so this could affect your future premiums.

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