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Moving house: get covered with temporary car and van insurance

Whether it’s shifting your stuff into uni accommodation, your new flat or even your first home, moving house can be a stressful and even expensive process. To help you out, Jaunt have come up with a handy guide that explains some of the different options that are available to you including temporary car insurance so you can work out what will work best for you. That way, you can take some of the stress (and even expense) out of the whole process and focus on settling in to your new place!

What are my options?

You’ve got a few different options to consider and weigh up when it comes to the big move. Some of these include:

Removal service

If you’re doing a big move and want to shift all your belongings from one house to another, hiring a removal service could be a good option for you. A removal company can help you with the heavy lifting and save you fewer trips between your old place and new.

However, this is often an expensive option and might not be suitable for a smaller scale move, especially if you want to do things in your own time.

Hiring a van

If you are doing a smaller-scale move and want to take things into your own hands, you could hire a van. Van hire typically comes with insurance but make sure you check the details to ensure that you are fully covered in case of an accident.

Again though, this process can be expensive because you have to pay for both the van hire and your insurance cover.

Borrowing a car or van

One other option, if you really want to take things into your own hands, could be borrowing a mate’s car or van (provided your driving licence permits you to drive this type of vehicle). This way, you don’t have to pay to hire the vehicle, you just have to sort out your insurance.

Getting insured isn’t as difficult or confusing as you may think either, especially with Jaunt’s temporary car insurance. With Jaunt, if you’re a driver between 18 and 75, you can get insured in minutes and be on the road in 15. The policy is super flexible too so you can get insured on the car or van for the exact amount of time you need it, for as little as an hour or up to a full 30 days.

Another great advantage of this option is that if you do end up having an accident in another driver’s car, their no-claims bonus won’t be affected.

Check out our short-term car insurance guide for more info.