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Car insurance explained: the basics

The world of car insurance can be a pretty confusing place, with loads of terms like “Third Party, Fire and Theft”, “Comprehensive Cover” and “Temporary Insurance”. But fear not, at Jaunt we’re all about opening opportunities for drivers so we’ve designed a handy guide to help explain the basics and some of the options available to you.


Do I need car insurance?

Yes. It is illegal to drive in the United Kingdom without car insurance so you must get covered before you drive anywhere.


What options do I have?

There are a range of options available to drivers, offering different levels of protection and cover for yourself and your car. The most common options include:

Third party only

This is the minimum level of cover that you are legally allowed to have in order to drive in the U.K. Third Party cover means that if your car causes damage or injury to another person, their vehicle or property then your insurer will pay to repair that damage. However, any damage to you or your car will not be covered by the insurer.

Third party, fire and theft

This is the next level up and covers the costs of repairing any damage to your own car, or if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Comprehensive cover

This is the highest level of cover and protects against damage to you and your own vehicle, even if you are to blame for the accident.

Temporary car insurance

One other option, if you only need insurance for a limited amount of time, is temporary car insurance, which typically provides comprehensive cover for the period of time that you decide. This is where we at Jaunt come in.

One great advantage of short-term car insurance is its flexibility. Jaunt offers flexible car insurance for up to 28 days.

And if you do end up having an accident in another driver’s car, their no-claims bonus won’t be affected. By “no-claims bonus” we mean the discount off future insurance that drivers can get for having a history of not claiming on their insurance.

Although, while the vehicle owner’s NCB won’t be affected, claims will need to be made in the name of the driver and could impact their future insurance.

Check out our short-term car insurance guide for more info.