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Great ideas for things to do between Christmas and New Year! (Aka – the Chrimbo Limbo)

So, the warm buzz of Christmas is over, and New Year is still a few days away. If you’re stuck in Chrimbo Limbo, deep in an Xmas dinner coma and not quite sure what to do with yourself (or the kids), we’ve put together some ideas for you…

  1. Cook with family or friends

Got a tonne of leftovers from a Christmas day feast? How about cooking up a storm with a Christmas leftovers recipe like these ones. From refried roasties to spicey turkey noodles, check out these mouth-watering options. And if you’re stuffed from the Christmas period, you could always freeze a delicious dish – you’ll thank yourself in January!

  1. Check out a local museum or cultural institution

So, you’ve hit the wine a bit hard over Christmas and fancy a body and mind detox. Why not check out a local museum or cultural institution between 26th and 31st December? They should be fairly quiet and will give you the chance to refresh and soak up some art or knowledge, ready to start 2022 as your best self.

  1. Gather up and sell or donate items you don’t want or need anymore

Have loads of items in your wardrobe you just don’t need or wear anymore? Why not take this time to declutter and give your wardrobe a detox? Donate items to charity or sell items you no longer need so you have space to get that 2022 collection in! You might make someone’s day with your donations or sales too!

  1. Have a wholesome day out with your kids in a park

During the year do you wish you had more time out from work meetings to just run around with the kids and play games? Why not take the time now to unleash your inner child and get down the park for some quality time and fresh air with the kids (and to work off that Christmas pud!). No one has ever regretted spending time out in nature with their loved ones!

  1. Play some games or do some puzzles

Games are great over Christmas for some family bonding and chill time (just don’t let Monopoly or Articulate start WW3), so why not continue cracking out the board games and chill and chat over a cuppa. Also, if you’re into puzzles, what better time to get doing a 1000-piece, I mean, when do you normally get this much down time?

  1. Have a phone detox

Need to de-clutter your apps, notifications, social media or emails? Have a quick blitz and start the New Year afresh! Only keep the notifications you need to decrease screen time for the New Year.

  1. Pick up a new hobby that will bring you joy in the New Year

From meditating, to drawing, to running, why not have a think about a hobby you’ve wanted to take up for a while now but have never got around to? While you’ve got free time, it could be the perfect opportunity to dabble in something new that you can continue into 2022.

  1. Binge a Netflix series or podcast

Whether you loved your ‘You’, ‘Squid Game’ or ‘Maid’ on Netflix over the past few months, or can’t get enough of true crime podcasts, the 6 days in between Christmas Day and New Year is the perfect opportunity to stick on your PJs, grab a furry blanket and some snacks and binge your way through a top Netflix series or podcast. (When else can you get away with doing that all day?!).

Emily in Paris season two is out 22nd Dec – just sayin’.

  1. House glow-up

Are there DIY tasks you’ve been putting off – even something small like hanging a new shelf? Or some cleaning or rearranging you’ve been avoiding? It might be a boring task but giving the house a spruce up and getting DIY tasks out the way can make you feel ‘fresh’ and organised for 2022, with a great pad to hang out in during the cold of January and February.

10. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

Leverage that festive cheer and reach out to someone important you haven’t spoken to in a while! It’s the perfect time to check in with a long-distance friend or family member or someone you’ve not had a chance to spend much time with recently, so use this time to catch up with loved ones.

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