Short-Term Van Insurance

At Jaunt, we know that it’s not always cheap or easy to get hold of your own van, or to insure it for a whole year. That’s why we offer short-term van insurance.

There’s loads of reasons you might need a van. Planning a do-it-yourself house or flat move? Want to get all your camping gear in for an epic trip away? Whatever the reason, you can borrow a mate’s or family member’s van with Jaunt’s short-term insurance.

As long as you’re a driver between 18-75, you can get insured on a van for between one hour and up to 30 days. Get an instant quote now. You could be driving in 15 minutes.

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What you will get with Jaunt

Get insurance for the exact time you need it. From just an hour to 30 days and anything in between.

Fear not, Jaunt cover won’t affect your No Claims Discount, or the car owner’s. Lovely.

Get an instant online quote. Get covered in minutes. We’re ready when you are.

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