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Get covered for the weekend

Put some wonder into your weekend with temporary car insurance

There’s no mistaking that Friday feeling. The weekend’s coming up and you’re ready to live your best life. Maybe it’s a trip to the city to sample the nightlife? Or perhaps you’re intending to slow things down and head off into the country for a bit of a getaway?

Whatever your plans, if you need to borrow a car – or maybe share the drive with some mates – insurance becomes an issue. But thankfully it’s one that can easily be resolved with Jaunt’s short-term cover. Whether you’re heading to a festival, meeting up with friends or going full-on tourist, you should be able to sort out a policy that isn’t going to break the bank.

Temporary cover: what’s it all about?

It’s exactly as it sounds. Temporary car insurance can cover
you for up to 28 days on someone else’s motor. It is completely separate from
the owner’s regular annual policy and ideal if you want to drive someone else’s
car for a short period. Or, of course, if they need to drive yours.

So where are we heading?

Well, the choice is yours. Short-term insurance is ideal for a road trip with friends, as you can share the driving. Head off to the big city, knowing that you’re fully covered on the road.

Maybe you’re someone who prefers the idea of exploring the countryside? Rolling hills, secluded beaches or quaint old-fashioned villages where time just seems to stand still. For moments like that, why not share the drive with your partner or a friend? It may be that you’re heading for the mountains and your three-door hatchback isn’t going to do the job. Well, jump into a friend’s 4×4 without any worries.

It’s the flexible choice

Short-term insurance gives you real flexibility. You can cover a one-off trip or choose to extend the policy across a long weekend. Once you have the insurance in place, you can relax and focus on the stuff that really matters.

Generally, trying to add someone to an existing policy, which can be a hassle and has its own cost implications.

And, critically, short-term car insurance gives you more protection too. Standard policies will, after all, commonly only provide third-party cover to drive someone else’s car. So it’s completely understandable if you’d prefer to have greater peace of mind.

Let’s hope you don’t need to claim. But in the event that you do, it won’t affect the no-claims discount of the regular owner, as the temporary insurance is completely separate.

Just bear in mind that while the vehicle owner’s NCB won’t be affected, claims will need to be made in the name of the temporary driver and could impact their future insurance.

Check out our short-term car insurance guide for some handy tips on how everything works. The weekend is calling